I was a true sceptic, believing that surgeons were the only people who could solve my chronic pain. When I met Mike I was prescribed regular steroid shots in conjunction with pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants to allow me to work. A lifetime of computer use and bad posture left me barely able to work, with carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome. In-fact i was scheduled for 3-site surgery with no guarantee of improvement.

Mike surprised me with an understanding of human anatomy and the nervous system rivaling any medical specialist I had seen. He shared that knowledge in a way that empowered me to treat myself at home. When Mike had finished treating me, I no longer needed surgery. This treatment did not take months, or even weeks. The process took an hour and a half.
Now 3-years later I am pain free without surgery. No drugs. Managing my symptoms take me 5 to 10-minutes a week using a baseball and my own body-weight to massage out the tension and correct my posture. I also follow a basic strength training plan which Mike devised to straighten my shoulders.

Mike saved me from surgery, a lifetime of prescriptions and has profound impact on my quality of life and career. All I can say is thank you for being who you are.Jacob M., October 2016

This was a life altering experience for me and has changed the way I ‘show up’ in the world. I have let go of my fear and other old emotions and feel energy flow in my body.... such a drastic difference in my energy that even my clients comment on it. Truly a great lesson in letting go. My life has been forever changed! Thanks Mike!Shelley Rector, February 2011

You gathered much knowledge from the time and dedication you put into your study. Your presence was authentic. You were accurate and intuitive addressing things on several levels. You understanding and application of this medicine are reaching profound levels, at least in comparison to what else I have experienced.Brian Markovitz, humantouchmassage.com, April 2008
As a medical doctor, i have 4 words to describe Mike Tan’s SEA Therapy, “this is medical science.” It is a scientific step-by-step therapeutic procedure on how to unblock the energy meridians in the body, and just ONE session with Mike has given me enlightenment and relief from a chronic lower back pain i had for 3-months. I have no doubts in recommending this to anyone who has any sort of musculoskeletal pain, as it is truly holistic and provides you an affordable LONG TERM solution, which is what we are searching for beyond this day and age of “pop a pill to fix all cures” philosophy. Keep up the great work.Dr. Sanjay Nayar, M.D., July 2016

In August 2009 my leg was broken into five pieces. I began to walk again in September 2012, but was very limited due to lack of movement in both the ankle and the big toe with spasms in the calf and anterior leg muscles. I have tried massage therapy, ultrasound, heat, soaking, stretching exercises with only small improvements.
Then I visited Mike. He was able to locate areas that needed to be worked on and gave me new ideas for exercises and stretches. I made significant progress with him in only a few days and his skill far surpass that of the many other massage therapists as Mike can find the muscle fibers that are abnormal.Vincent Stark, D.C., February 2013
Vince X-Ray

I had been suffering from chronic aching in my left hip and knee for some years now which gave me a shooting nerve pain every time I would bend forward. Mike’s expertise goes beyond the massage as he recommended a range of stretching and body rolling techniques specific to my body which I have been applying diligently. Doing so has allowed us to go deeper in every massage session. There is still work to be done, although my piriformis issue is gone, chronic pain in hip and knee is gone as well. Thanks Mike!!!Damien Bohler, September 2010

Michael's approach to massage is nothing less than amazing! His understanding of muscle physiology in a massage setting is clearly apparent in the way he is able to change the tone of tight muscles in a limited time frame. I recommend a lot of patients to have Michael's massage therapy to assist them in their overall goal of wellness.Dr. Philip Parry, D.C., September 2008

Susan MRI
I could not lie on my back for more than a few minutes at a time, but had to be worked on while on my side. That meant that Mike needed to research less common and very specific therapeutic techniques, and adapt and figure out different angles to approach from his own training. Nearly every time I felt better immediately after the sessions, although sometimes I was sore for a day or two. I was required to do some follow-up exercises for strengthen and to maintain the structural changes that Mike accomplished. My pain level has gone down so much, about 90 percent of the time, when I'm out in the world and doing stuff.Susan Parker, November 2006