Health Tips

A few sample statistics:

  • "Gallbladder operation is the most common operation in North America. Every year, more than half a million people in the United States and more than 50,000 people in Canada undergo surgery to remove their gallbladders because of gallstones."
  • "More than 60 % of Americans will in their life develop some of these problems: Colitis, Leukemia, Crohn's disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Tumors, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer..."
I am not a cleansing/detoxification expert by any means, I simply wish to share the information I've learned as encouragement to others to look into these practices for their own health benefits. In summary, you should cleanse 1) the bowels (colon & intestines) and possible parasites, 2) kidneys and 3) dental and 4) liver/gallbladder and improve your diet from the beginning of cleansing (see

If you are new to cleansing/detoxification, I would recommend seeking a qualified cleansing center/practitioner or nutritionist to help you. Home remedies are the mildest and note that colonics are pretty strong therapy (they also kill the beneficial bacteria in your intestines). If you want to try to do home recipies on your own, do your research first and try them out one at a time and see how they affect you. And please make sure you don't have any allergies to any products, especially Epsom salts if you are trying a liver/gallbladder flush.

Sample Cleansing Practice

About every 6-months I use a Magnesium Oxide-based product for the colon and bowels that is more natural and doesn't kill the beneficial bacteria promoted by Probiotics/Accidophilus.  Either of these products are very safe, have minimal impact to your diet and work well in my experience:

The only caution I have is that you may feel very weak or experience headaches on the Oxy Powder as it is strong, yet effective. Don't plan to be too active or exercise much on either of these programs.

The next step is to prepare for the liver cleanse with apple juice to reduce the size of the stones. If this is after my first colon cleanse, I wait about 3-days after and start drinking 1-liter of apple juice (100% from apples, not concentrate) for 7-days moderately over the course of each day not closer than 1-hour near mealtimes.  This will give me 10-days total time between the colon cleanse and beginning the liver flush. But, if I have cleansed the colon and/or liver before, I will only drink the apple juice for 1-3 days and only wait 1-week after the colon cleanse.

A Simplified Liver Flush Recipe

This is a very strong cleansing protocol. You may want to check with a skilled practitioner for help.

Liver Flush Recipe:

  • Eat breakfast and lunch with NO oil at all.
  • Stop eating after 2pm.
  • Drink water throughout the afternoon to avoid a headache.
  • 6pm – drink 1st glass of Epsom salts (1 tablespoon mixed in water)
  • 8pm – drink 2nd glass of Epsom salts
  • 9:30pm – brush your teeth, prepare for bed
  • 9:45pm – juice 5 limes and mix with 120ml of Extra Light Virgin Olive Oil in a shaker bottle very well
  • 10pm –drink the mixture down quickly, lie down immediately on your back in bed and don’t move for 1 hour
  • 11pm – Go to sleep if you can (best if you stay on your back and don’t move or move to your side and stay still)
  • 6am (next day) – drink 3rd glass of Epsom Salts
  • 8am – drink 4th glass of Epsom Salts
  • The stones will pass out of you until about midday, they will be white, tan, or green of various sizes and float
  • You may eat from 10am onwards (but be near a toilet during this time!)
  • Have lunch as usual.
For more info about the Liver Flush see here:
The Liver Flush is challenging, but well worth the results.

Then after the liver flush, wait about 1-3 days and follow with an organic coffee enema.  This helps flush any remaining stones and help stimulate the liver as much as possible.  You can find the instructions on the internet and I usually try to hold 1.2 liters of water about 10-minutes, or 12-minutes if possible.  If you feel afraid to do the coffee enema, the Ayurvedic Center in Chiang Mai in town can do it for you, but it isn't hard to do yourself. You can buy the kit and organic coffee from Aden store on Nimmonhamen in Chiang Mai.

You may repeat the liver flush/coffee enema pair one or two more times, with about a week of time in-between pair.  You may drink the apple juice again 1-3 days before the liver flush to help reduce stones size if you like, but this is more optional with the more liver flushes you have completed.

Then it is up to you to repeat this process every 6-months starting with colon or maybe do the liver as needed every 2-3 months or once a month depending on your needs. Maybe try to read the Curezone Liver flush forum to see what other people think. I have done three colon cleanses (one with a short series of colonics, and one with each Magnesium Oxide products mentioned above) and have done five liver flushes thus far getting over 1000 gallstones out now.  I know I made a difference with just two liver flushes in reducing my bad cholesterol 41 points, and now I can feel many other health benefits as well including better/more frequent bowel movements, clearer skin, more energy and a stronger immune system.

A Simplified Liver Flush Recipe

Other Maintenance Suggestions

  • Herbal steam saunas or hot baths with Dead Sea salt/Magnesium Sulfate
  • Lifestyle moderation, meditation or other methods for mind/emotion balance
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, or Chi Kung (or other energy building/relaxation exercises)

Good luck and please contact me if you have more suggestions or online resources.