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Mike Snowboarding

My real journey of Self-healing began in January, 2002, when I broke my lower left leg in three places from a snowboarding accident.

I received massage and physiotherapy for the physical injury, but I also learned about receiving compassion from others. This awakened the desire in me to help myself more after receiving their help and then slowly learning how to help myself better.

I began learning and practicing massage in Los Angeles in January 2003, with much desire to help pass on the same benefits to others. More of my massage history found under “Massage Background” below.

By 2009, I combined my backgrounds of Western and Eastern bodywork and martial arts principals into what I call SEA Therapy and began teaching SEA Foundations course in that year as well. By 2013, I formalized the SEA Practitioner course as well for repeating SEA students. Currently, I continue to teach and practice SEA and I highly recommend some of my longtime students found in the SEA Directory.

Mike Bodywork
Massage Background
SEA Therapy
Tan Method
Martial Arts

  • 2003: 150-hour LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) program at Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) Massage School.

  • 2003: Attended Saul David Raye's Practitioner & Advanced Thai Yoga Therapy.

  • 2004: Studied with Daniel Carr for targeted injury therapy with Thai Massage coming from a Blind Master Yang Kiat

  • 2005: Relocated to Thailand and studied at Wat Po Massage in Bangkok

  • 2005: Began training with Ajaan Poo in Ancient Healing Massage

  • 2006: Continued training with Ajaan Poo, helping him with teaching many courses and making new teaching material in English

  • 2006: Studied Osteo Thai with Arno L'Hermitte

  • 2007: Continued teaching, training as Ajaan Poo's assistant, began to give 100 bodywork therapy sessions for low-back, shoulder, neck, etc. type of issues under supervision

  • 2008: Learned various Royal Thai Massage and Tok Sen with local Thai practitioners

  • 2009+: SEA Therapy practiced, taught and further developed

Daniel Carr
Ajaan Poo

Ajaan Poo - Ancient Healing Massage, 2006

Wi Manuel

I taught the first SEA Foundations Course in Fall of 2009, after one-year of developing the SEA course material and videos. SEA is really a culmination of all the things I’ve learned about the body in terms of Structural Alignment and Energy Flow & Blockages.

SEA is useful in massage therapy for its healing ability for many types of conditions. SEA focuses on moving energy, muscle and blood and oxygen in the Sleeping (blocked, painful, injured) parts of the body to make them more Awakened and light or easy to use again. SEA also focuses on all the Joints (even the smallest joints in the fingers & toes) and specific Nerves channels to help resolve pain or movement limitation.

I always try to introduce the best healing practices back into SEA in order to keep it growing for my students and myself. I’ve worked with acupuncturists, chiropractors, orthopedic specialists, naturopaths and many other massage therapists to help make SEA more effective. (more)

Mike Teaching

Main guidelines for SEA:

  • Non-Injury
  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy
  • Lasting Effect

www.tanmethod.com is my new online resource for clients to reference for their homework and understanding of their injuries.

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I incorporate a lot of Martial Arts principles of body mechanics into my massage therapy. Its a great way to teach and remind massage practitioners to push with their “hara” (energy & body center) vs. with their strength.

I began Martial Arts practice as a teenager when learning, practicing and competing in Red Dragon Karate under Sensei Mohammad Jahanvash. I began teaching karate to beginner students after my first year was given more responsibility teaching and operating the Walnut dojo. After 4-years of training, I received my first black belt in the Red Dragon style of Americanized Karate.

Mike Teaching

Mike Tan teaching Mike Han, 1992

After high school, I went to University of California, Riverside (UCR) and then tried out for the Varsity Karate team under Sensei Ray Dalke. Dalke has been teaching at UC Riverside since 1967 and is the highest ranking Black Belt in American Shokokan Karate. I made the UCR Varsity Karate Team and we won many Regional & National NCAA Shotokan Karate Competitions in the four years I attended UCR.

Traditional Archery is also a big passion of mine, it fits very well into the meditation and “letting go” practice for each arrow released.

Thank you for reading and please Contact me with any questions or feedback.

With Love & Light,
Mike Tan