Tan Method is an approach for healing physical pain, injury, and/or movement-limitation conditions in the body.
The main approach is to subdivide the body into Five Areas by function, so we may more accurately perform:

Body Assessment
Check the conditions of chronic and acute pain, injuries and movement limitations in the body and make a plan for correction.

Bodywork Treatment
Energetic & Structural Treatment of the conditions in the body to help towards healing the pain and problem conditions.

Body Rebalancing
Rebalancing exercise techniques for correcting the immediate problems and promoting longterm resolution.

Tan Method is a Functional Approach to Solving Orthopedic-Related Conditions and these suggestions can be considered for the typical 85% cases. Finding and correcting the accurate source of pain, injury or movement limitations may be unique for each individual. My overall goal is to help many people to be free from movement limitation, pain and injury and for them to learn how at help themselves and others.

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Mike Tan